Speech and Presentation Techniques / Public Speaking

Certain qualifications:

Adequate command of English.

The seminar:

The aim of this seminar is to identify and cultivate one´s personal strengths in speaking and to eliminate weaknesses. The development of one´s own personal style, without ready-made solutions and instructions, is paramount. After completing this seminar you will be able to hold speeches and presentations in a lively manner, speak in public with more confidence and charisma and, in general, be more convincing.

Potential target audience:

Specialists, executives, team leaders and project managers.

Seminar contents:

Defining the objective - Defining focal points - Eliminating the unnecessary - ABC Analysis.

Self-management when speaking in public:
The inner script - Setting and achieving goals - Using stage fright to your advantage - Thought and speech blocks - Positive resources - Speaking and breathing techniques - Body language - The positive first impression.

Different occasions for speaking:
Informative presentation - Convincing presentation - Impromptu speech.

Structure of a presentation and speech:
Forms of speech - Types and ways of structuring - Introduction and closing - Figures of speech - Rhetorical stylistic devices - Key word manuscript.

Audience orientation:
First phases of making contact - Arousing interest - Perception and interpretation of signals from the audience - Audience-oriented presentation of arguments.

Dealing with objections:
Positive use of objections - Different interests - Important and justified objections - Dealing with interjections, disturbances and unfair objections


2 days


Presentation, discussion and exchange of experience, group work, exercises, video recordings and analyses, self-reflection and reorientation.