Ihr Erfolg ist unser Ziel


Communication, Argumentation, Discussion

Certain qualifications:

Adequate command of English.

The seminar:

After this seminar you will be better able to understand what others really want and to express your own wishes more clearly. You will learn to argue more convincingly, grasp issues more subtly and react more skillfully.

Potential target audience:

Experts, executives and junior executives from all corporate areas.

Seminar contents:

Perception as a basis for communication:Perception filters and categories - Body language - Impact on emotions/behaviour.

Personal communication patterns:
Typical communication traps - Blocks, signals - Meta communication - Feedback rules.

Behavioural patterns in discussions:
Partner orientation - Establishing contact - Questions and answers - Apportioning speaking time - Logical levels.

Arguments and claims - Effective structures in argumentation - Laws of logic and psychology - Power of persuasion and assertiveness through language - topoi - collections.

Discussions and how to lead them:
Goal/outcome-oriented discussion - Integrative discussion leadership - Roles/allocation in hierarchically structured discussions and goal-oriented teams.

Personal agendas - Goal definition and accomplishment - Attainable goals - Personal strengths and weaknesses.

Goal-oriented approach - Conflict = opportunity - Adapting surprising arguments to your own world - Dealing with unfairness and killer phrases


2 days


Presentation, discussion and exchange of experience, group work, exercises, video recordings and analyses, self-reflection and reorientation.